Wonders in the pocket, or search for Ded Moroz. Asya Vanyakina. MIF Detstvo. 2016

Crusade in Jeans. Thea Beckman. Publishing house “Walking into history”. 2016

101 Reykjavik. Exhibition (sound work) with Alexandra Suvorova and Pavel Kopaev (painting). 2015

Elixir by Daniil Zinchenko, 80 min, Russian Federation, 2015

Biblionight-2015. Project “Artist and book”.

Workshops. MAMM. 2014-2015

We live in ancient Rome. Publishing house “Walking into history”.2014

Aloshka. A&B publishing. 2015

Animation workshops. Night of art, Moscow. 2014

Vanitas. 2014

Legends about doctor Faustus

“Tale of the wind on a windless day”. Publishing House “White crow”. 2014

(Русский) Текст Н. Плунгян к выставке “Превращение” в Санкт-Петербурге. 2014

Solo exhibition “Metamorphose”. The Exhibition Hall of the Library book graphics. Saint-Petersburg. 30/07-14/08 2014

“Transformation of the real” (with Vilim Kovacic). Kastav cultural summer. Kastav, Croatia. 2013

(Русский) Разговор с книгой. Текст к выставке Анны Байдовой

Franz Kafka and others. Solo exhibition. 30/01/13-21/02/13

The Magic of animation. Exhibition. MAMM. 21/12/12-13/01/13

Letters to a friend. Graphic objects, video. 2011-12

The Paper City. Exhibition in Paris. 12-17/12/12

“The little princess”, Machaon, 2012.

“Franz Kafka in Russian culture”

Workshops at the “Start Up”. 2012

Animation Workshop in MAMM. 2012

Children workshops. 2011-2012.

Children book series “Nastya and Nikita”. Dmitry Pentegov “Steam locomotive “Sheep”

“Grandmother’s tales”. Machaon, 2012

“In Motion”. Exhibition of young animators and book illustrators

Parisian studies. The album

Магия театра и кино. Выставка Ассоциации художников театра, кино и ТВ. 20.10-05.11 2011 г.

The exhibition in Ekaterinburg

Interview for “Satellite voices” (in english)

“The book’s improvisation” exhibition. Saint-Petersburg. 23/04 – 15/05/2011

Workshops in Moscow house of photography

“Imaginary space”

For Colta.ru

3 CJ picture book awards

Animation workshop. Moscow-Frankfurt. October-november 2010.

Opening of “Young russian artists” show in Moscow

Publication in the magazin “The artists and writers of children’s books”

TV report of channel “Culture” from the exhibition “Space of movie”

Interview for “Religo.ru”

Interview for “Mymoleskine.ru”

“S. Alimov and his students”. TV-channel “Culture”‘s reports

“The winners – students and teacher undefeated.” GZT.RU

(Русский) Ольга Серебряная. Чем мне нравятся картинки Екатерины Гавриловой