The starting point of project is the relationship between people (artists) and the city. Appeal to the psychogeography of Paris is not accidental, because this city is the birthplace of the psychogeography movement. One of the methods resorted to by artists in that time was “derive” – ​​aimless walking in the city in order to capture the feeling, produced by specific urban landscapes. This method is used by Ekaterina Gavrilova in her project “Letters to a friend”. She portrayed the random selections of Parisian landscapes on the long rolls of kraft paper. The images are provided by quotations from one of the first existential novel “The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge” by Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke. The book describes feeling of an “alien” man in Paris of early XX century. The artist`s choice of the text is made, because there is a lot of connections in peoples` perception in the past and modern time. The same place, the same circumstances. In comparison, Ekaterina Gavrilova gives a very different image of a distant native country, Russia, – a sort of an “answer” to the confused walking in the French capital – the image of the emptiness, fixed by itself.