Cite Internationale des Arts
Paris, France

The exhibition “Paper city” presents the works of Maria Suvorova, Alexandra Suvorova and Ekaterina Gavrilova executed during their residence in the Cité des Arts in 2011-2012.

Ekaterina Gavrilova tries to analyze the connection between human feelings and city surface with the help of fine art and literature. Her project “Letters to a friend” is based on a novel “The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge” by Rainer Maria Rilke. This book describes the feelings of a foreigner in Paris at the beginning of the XXth century and is full of precise descriptions of a city that still are accurate today. To universalize the reflections about a foreigner in the city Ekaterina has chosen the English translation of a novel and accompanied the quotations with stereotypical, generalized views of Paris. Portrayed on the long rolls of craft-paper these
views with quotations from Rilke make us think about splitting into scenes characteristic for a cinema process.
One of the four rolls shows us, as a parallel to the Parisian sketches, a huge view of a Russian landscape accompanied by the quotation from Rilke and Marina Tsvetaeva’s correspondence. The main idea of this work is to understand and fix the fact that in different time periods people can feel and think in similar ways.
A video-art represented by Ekaterina Gavrilova is also the generalized picture of city views helping the spectator to stay alone with his reflections and to think about the ways of understanding the space of a city and finding his or her own place in this space.

Anna Baydova