Ekaterina Gavrilova

Revelations of mind blowing artist, illustrator and art director
Text by Kemal Tarba

Since completing her studies at the finest art institutes of Russia, member of Moscow Artists’ Union Ekaterina Gavrilova has slowly been carving quite a name for herself with gooey and visceral illustrations that almost explode upon the pages of various books and magazines just before your eyes. Her work is a stark, convincingly acted and fearless existential investigation into the language of emotional manipulation. We stepped into the darkness to find out more…

Satellite Voices: How has everything started?

Ekaterina Gavrilova: Everything started when I was eight or nine-years-old and I began to constantly draw. Art schools, teachers and clubs were changing. Afterwards I came to famous special school for arts in Moscow, that was home for almost all more or less well known official and underground artists. Then I studied at Cinematography Institute (VGIK), one of my lecturers was cartoonist and illustrator Sergey Alimov. There together with classmates, we started to organize student exhibitions and since 2001 we did 10 vast events.

SV: How would you describe your work?
Ekaterina Gavrilova: I have two types of work – large graphic series to various literature works and illustrations for specific publications – books and magazines. The first one I do for ‘my soul’, but at the same time I prefer to use these works for exhibitions. While working on them, I choose the topic myself (usually it’s something of my favourite writers such as Franz Kafka), and consider the lists as separate graphic works.

SV: What is the name of your hero?
Ekaterina Gavrilova: I find it hard to come up with one name. Rather – it is a certain character – a visionary, a dreamer, a watcher. Among the characters I work recently with, I would name Cyrano de Bergerac.

SV: What do you believe the role of the artist to be in society?
Ekaterina Gavrilova: I would not mix politics and art, I think, to be artist – is the same work as any other (only much happier). But on the other hand, any person who cares about life, must be a citizen and embrace certain stands, including political ones.