G!raphic installation
Title of work – «Vanitas» (Lat. Vanitas – «vanity, vanity”) refers to the traditional genre of still lives with a human skull as a symbol vanity worldly life and impermanence of all things. The project is a graphical installation, made up of dozens of drawings and photographs depicting various macabre subjects, traditional for the Western christianity culture – skulls, ossuaries, etc. and mixed with quotations of outstanding European writers and philosophers, associated with the theme of death and randomly chosen by the artist from Wikiquote (for example: “Capital – dead labor», Karl Marx). The quotes are deliberately simple as slogans, and their selection is intentionally accidental. Pictures and quotes are drawn on various types of paper – old soviet magazines, fragments of the newspapers, and random put on the wall like a schizophrenic puzzle.
he project addresses to the issue of the death of ideas, ideologies and the reset of European philosophical concepts per se. It invites viewers to take the position of post-apocalyptic barbarian, for whom iconic quotations in main European languages are similar to obscure symbols of old forgotten nations, which left after themselves at most only physical remains – like skulls and bones.
 Zero position of culture, the crisis of the European project itself manifested the new spirit of the Middle Ages directly through mass-media symbols such as meteorites fall, refusal of the Pope, etc. M!odern society is as if to occur in the thick of barbarian, early Middle Ages now.